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A former judge of an international tribunal and a law lecturer in the UK are part of a team of eight hired to defend Kenya in a maritime dispute filed by Somalia.


The full story is available on The Standard website.

Kenya’s appeal to delay a case in which Somalia has sued over a common maritime border has been rejected by the International Court of Justice.

In a note sent to the parties on Saturday, the ICJ confirmed that, as planned, the case would continue from 15 March onwards, with oral proceedings continuing until 19 March.


The full story is published on Bunnaj website.

A newly signed treaty between Australia and Timor-Leste has established that nearly all of an area in the Timor Sea that was the former site of a Joint Petroleum Development Area is the sovereign territory of Timor-Leste.

The new Australia-Timor-Leste boundary line was based on the median line between the two countries, making clear sovereignty over territory in the Timor Sea.

The agreement also determined which country was entitled to rights to exploit the seabed and continental shelf of the disputed area.


The full story is available on the LawyersWeekly website.

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