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Madagascar has applied to annul a €7 million ICSID award won by two Belgian brothers whose clothes factory was looted and burned down during civil unrest – four years after the state successfully set aside a previous investment treaty award won by the same investors.

The full story is available on Global Arbitration Review

GCILS Webinar with Eran Sthoeger in conversation with Christian Tams

We are pleased to invite you to our next GCILS webinar, which focuses on the work of the United Nations Security Council.

The webinar addressed a range of points relating to the role and work of the UN Security Council, among them a discussion of its powers, the Security Council as a forum for legal exchanges, state practice and opinio juris and as an enforcer of international law. Further, the talk covers aspects such as the Security Council as a creator of legal rules and obligations as well as an adjudicator of legal facts and international responsibility.

To discuss this topic, Eran Sthoeger will join GCILS Director Christian Tams as a guest speaker.

If you are interested in learning more about and in critically discussing the many roles of the Security Council, join us for our next GCILS Webinar, on Wednesday, 10 March 2021 at 3.00pm UK Time. For more information, see the GCILS website.

This event was recorded.

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