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Eran Sthoeger, Esq.

Attorney and Consultant in International Law


Finding solutions to your international legal dispute and providing answers to your international law queries. Services offered include:

  • Representing states, individuals and legal entities before international courts and tribunals, such as the International Court of Justice, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and ICSID tribunals.

  • Advising and representing states, individuals and legal entities partaking in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including international conciliation and negotiations.

  • Providing consulting services and advice on international law issues, including the law of international organizations (particularly United Nations law), treaty law, international boundaries, law of the sea, international investment law, the use of force, international human rights law, international criminal law and international humanitarian law.

  • Assisting clients with building and executing their comprehensive international legal strategy to optimize their ability to achieve their policy goals.

  • Assisting clients in building their own capacity to manage and solve international legal disputes and preparing clients for successful engagement in the international arena, such as successful participation in international organizations.

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